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Couples Counselling 

Couples counselling (relationship and marriage counselling) may feel like a daunting
prospect, so well done for taking the first step. Couples counselling is for couples who

are dating, living together, engaged, in a civil partnership, unmarried, married,
separated or divorced.


A relationship consists of two unique individuals and each individual brings their own experience of early childhood, past relationships, family backgrounds, pressures of
work, university, money, health and their hopes for the future.  Therefore, it is not

surprising that things may become difficult, confusing and complex resulting in the
experiencing emotional pain and distress..


I offer a non judgemental service  that does not discriminate on the grounds of class,
age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, race or ethnicity.

I am committed to providing couples and relationship counselling in a safe and
confidential space, which can help enable them to freely express their feelings and
emotions and explore the issues that they are facing together

My way of working helps enable couples to talk freely about the difficulties within the relationship, move through conflict and identify the negative patterns that they bring 
to the relationship, acknowledge these patterns, and new and healthy patterns.

I also help enable couples to communicate more effectively, resolve conflict and
make changes where needed in order to re-establish the trust and love required for
intimacy the relationship to flourish.

The areas that I work with include:-

  • Arguments and conflict

  • One partner would like to start a family and the other does not

  • A lack of fun, enjoyment and pleasure within the relationship

  • A breakdown of communication

  • Feeling that one or both of you have drifted apart

  • Feeling lonely, misunderstood, not heard and frustrated

  • When one person falls out of love and wants to move on

  • Feeling that there is no common ground anymore

  • Feelings of dissatisfaction in the relationship partner

  • Infertility issues

  • divorce and separation

  • intimacy

  • Children/family

  • Infidelity, affairs and a loss of trust

  • Commitment issues

  • Feeling like the spark has disappeared

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