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Individual Counselling

“Therapy should not be theory driven, but relationship driven” Irvin Yalom.

“It is the relationship that heals” Irvin Yalom.

The relationship between the counsellor and client is often referred to as the therapeutic relationship. Research has shown that the therapeutic relationship is the most important ingredient in achieving a successful outcome in counselling. 

Therefore, I believe that it is essential to build a good rapport and therapeutic relationship, based upon respect, trust, understanding and unconditional acceptance.  


It is important to maintain this relationship throughout the time that we 
work together. The therapeutic relationship that we establish will allow you to feel safe, held and able to explore whatever you bring to your sessions openly and confidentially without being judged.

I will have an empathetic understanding of your difficulties from your perspective and would be genuine and prepared to involve myself in our relationship.  I hope that my honest, authentic approach will encourage your trust.

I counsel clients using an integrative approach, which means that I draw on different schools of thought and ways of working to produce the most effective therapy for each individual client.  Counselling sessions often involve looking at past history, childhood, family or cultural experiences, as well as what is happening for you in the here and now.

The Integrative approach meets the needs of each individual client in a unique and personal way and allows for flexibility within the counselling room and avoids a one size fits all approach.


Each person needs to be considered as a whole and counselling techniques must be tailored to their individual needs and personal circumstances, as we are all unique individuals and integrative therapy respects that.

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I value each persons individuality and respect difference, diversity and inclusive practice within my work. I work with what each individual client brings to counselling and some of the issues I work with include: -

Adjusting to university life (homesick and /or experiencing cultural shock)
Difficulties impacting upon
engagement with academic studies 
Graduation anxiety 

Relationship problems: family, partners, friends, flatmates, course-mates

Identity Issues

Stress and burnout

Work-life balance

Work related issues

Dealing with depression and anxiety

Loneliness and isolation

Significant life events 

Loss and bereavement
Building a resilient sense of self

Low self-confidence, worth and esteem

Food and eating related problems



Panic disorders/panic attacks

Creative block

This list is not comprehensive, therefore your reason for seeking counselling may not be listed above.

If you would like to have a brief preliminary chat on the phone, prior to deciding to book a free initial consultation appointment you are warmly welcome to  call me on 07922705020 or email me at

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